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Your feedback

We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

Claire and Albert were especially helpful and kind. They were very professional and caring in our time of need. They went above and beyond to make everything feel welcoming.

Jenna Burd
November 20, 2022

Simply one of the hardest things I ever had to do was made much easier with all the help and understanding they did for me and my family. I would always recommend them first

Robert Petlansky
August 20, 2022

I would highly recommend the Schlitzer-Allen-pugh funeral Home. They took care of everything with the loss of our love one. We didn't know where to start and they made everything easy for us so we didn't have to worry about anything. They are very compassionate. They can even help you with financing. They also touch base with you after the funeral to see how you are doing and they offer additional support to help with the grieving process. I have had to deal with other funeral homes in the past and this is by far the best. I would give them 10 stars if I could. They are excellent. Thank you for everything that you did to help us.

Randy D
January 27, 2022

I have been dealing with them for over 20 years. I would highly recommend them to be entrusted with your loved ones. They feel like family.

Brian Neiswender
November 24, 2021

Our family was very fortunate to have the guidance and support of Schlitzer Allen Pugh Funeral Home during and after our Mom’s passing. Specifically, Reynell and Brian are the most compassionate, caring, kind, and helpful individuals one could ever wish for. They both went above and beyond to make sure that every last detail was in place. Reynell and Brian are absolutely the best and so perfectly suited for their profession as their ability to connect with compassion, care, concern and sensitivity is evident in ALL that they do. Thank you for helping us in our time of need. We are forever grateful.

October 15, 2021

Schlitzer-Allen-Pugh funeral home was both professional and compassionate. They sat with us and talked over all our options and respected our decisions with everything. My mom had requested them for her arrangements and I'm so grateful she did because it made a horrible time in our life easier to get through.

Sherry Primrose
November 22, 2020

May you rest without pain. And sing to the heavens. You were so strong though out this whole time. My heart is broken we will miss you

Barbara. Jordan
December 4, 2018

Angela is kind, courteous, & professional in every aspect. From our 1st meeting, she was sympathetic, helpful & patient. She was always available , only a phone call away. She made a sad, upsetting time more bearable.
From our 1st meeting of anyone of the staff (picking up body at house) to the cemetery and after needs; the staff was professional & compassionate. The entire staff needs to be commended for the wonderful job they do under less than ideal circumstances.

Gwendolyn Reese
August 21, 2017

The passing of my brother (in a distant location) created a series of complications which were handled by Ryan in a professional and timely manner. Ryan removed all the arrangement burden from us at this difficult time.

Donny Chescavage
August 12, 2017

Ryan was very helpful & kind in our trying time. We were absolutely clueless & he took care of everything. Answered all questions we asked. I feel we were very taken care of in this painful time. Ryan went above & beyond in our opinion.

Carolyn Beltz
August 12, 2017

On behalf of my family and I, we can't thank your staff enough for the help, comfort, prayers, for just being there to guide us in the right direction, going out of your way to help get the graveside location, squared away all the small things that each and everyone of you did. Allowing Jack Murray to bring Haley and Julia home meant so much to us and allowing myself and Alex do their hair, make up, etc. My mom and Haley wouldn't want it any other way. This place is amazing and would highly recommend it to others.

Renee Wetzel, daughter of Julia Williams, mother of Haley Williams Wetzel
July 13, 2017

Ryan Barilla and the staff were professional, courteous and respectful. The service for Jeffrey Ward was beautiful, and everything we hoped for. I deeply appreciate the kindness and patience shown to my adult children as they moved through the sudden loss of their father.

Eileen Forney
March 16, 2017

The patience and understanding provided for us by Ryan made a difficult decisions easier to handle and all details were approached with dignity and respect.. Thank you.

Joseph and Betty Trabosh
March 15, 2017

Everyone was professional, very helpful & understanding.

Karen Piccione
March 12, 2017

I appreciate Angela's personal attention to our needs during and after the services.

John Traini
March 11, 2017

Very Happy with everything

Andrew Ebling
February 11, 2017

My sister and I worked with Ryan Barilla, who was kind, thoughtful, helpful and very professional. We liked him very much and were pleased with all he did.

R. Raring
January 12, 2017

Angela was amazing with helping make arrangements for my father's service. The day of the service the entire staff was extremely thoughtful and considerate.
Your staff has been extremely helpful. Angela was a blessing to us at such a difficult time. Ryan saw that my father was taken care of as well. Thank you for everything.

Sherry Clark
December 12, 2016

Everyone was so wonderful to me and my family- you have a great staff.

Patricia Eisenhower
November 26, 2016

Everyone was so wonderful to me and my family- you have a great staff.

Patricia Eisenhower
November 26, 2016

I could not imagine having a better experience in such a horrible tie. The staff was very sensitive and caring during a very difficult situation. Angela, Ryan and staff are probably some of the best people I have ever met or will meet again. The way they went above and beyond for me and my family is unbelievable. The world needs more people like them, thank you and God bless.

Shawn Kocher
November 7, 2016

The staff delivered all of the elements of the service and burial very well and were sensitive and attentive to my every need.
I would not hesitate to recommend this staff to friends and family.

Wendy Eaby
October 14, 2016

Ryan was very helpful, very considerate and didn't rush me, left me take my time. Would use and refer your facility to others.
Your staff was very considerate and thoughtful. My Dad's arrangements were exactly how he would have wanted them.

Diane Forte
October 10, 2016

Angela and Ryan were both professional, they met all our needs. It was such a pleasure to work with them.
They made this difficult time a very pleasant experience. So compassionate and caring.

Diane Maley
October 10, 2016

The staff was very understanding about our services. Very helpful with our concerns and wishes. Also in seeing Ryan at another function a month later-he took the time to ask me how I was and if I had any questions. He did do other follow ups for me which I am very grateful for. To me he went out of his way to continue his services.
The compassion and concern that was shown by the staff(even though they did not know my mom) was very heart warming. At a time when you are not thinking as clear as you would like-they steered us in the right direction and did it with loving comments and gestures.

Deb Miller
October 9, 2016

Brian and the entire staff were very skilled, professional and sympathetic to all of our needs and concerns.
Thank you Brian, Ryan, Angela and Agnes and entire staff for all you did for us.

John Pfluger
September 19, 2016

Our mother's passing was more than difficult for my sister, Mary Ann, my brother, Pete & myself. We also saw the effect it had on family members & friends of our mother.
Bryan, Angela, Ryan, Bryan's mother, Agnes & entire staff were very skilled, very professional & of great assistance to us. We will always remember their attention to detail & their help & co-operation with us.
Thank You Bryan, Angela, Ryan, Agnes & entire staff for all you've done.
And a special thank you to Agnes for your stories of mom & your words & gestures of kindness & comfort.

John J. Pfluger

John J. Pfluger
September 11, 2016

Mr. Ryan Barilla was very caring and helpful for our family. He was very professional but also you could tell it was coming from his heart and that means a lot when you are in this very bad time in your life! Thank you Ryan!! You did a great job!

Barbara Cessaro
August 6, 2016

we are very pleased we decided to go with you funeral home. Ryan and Angela were very professional and very kind.

Tracey Ashman
August 5, 2016

Very kind, helpful and considerate. Helped with every detail. I would highly recommend this place as they provided a comforting and stress free funeral service.

Margaret Snyder
July 9, 2016

Very supportive in our time of need. Angela was so kind and compassionate.

Colleen Watkins
June 7, 2016

Your staff was very helpful with any of our needs. Questions were answered right away. If called with questions, we were called back right away. Mary Jane was taken well care of.

Walter Reed
May 6, 2016

Angela & Ryan-you made me feel so at ease at this difficult time. You were both so helpful and caring. I do tell everyone about you.

Rayne Slackus
May 5, 2016

Over all the counselor and staff at Schlitzer Allen Pugh were excellent. They were very helpful in assisting us with this difficult time. They explained everything in detail which left us with no questions. Everyone in the family was pleased.
We opted for a cremation service for my mother and the use of the arc for the service was an excellent touch. First time we as a family had seen these and we were beyond pleased.

Brian Regnier
April 12, 2016

They did a great job, helping and assisting my family. Any questions or concerns, even the arrangements were taken care of and made promptly! Our family was very pleased with your services.
Felt a sincere caring & professional manner throughout the whole process. Which means a lot at a sad, sad time like this.

Dee Angelo
April 10, 2016

Brian was wonderful. He couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.

Jean Riotto
April 5, 2016

Got excellent results, answered all my questions accurately and quickly. You made this terrible event passable.

John F. Currie
March 10, 2016

Ryan was excellent and very helpful. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you

Annette Matthews
February 7, 2016

In our time of deep sadness Ryan was there. He was beyond professional. He had many obstacles to overcome and he did so. He went above and beyond his duties. My father was a proud man and the way that Ryan treated his funeral only made me prouder of the dad I love. Ryan had the honor guard there at the graveside which was special.

One of the most impressive things was the day my dad died & hospice had called your services. When Ryan arrived he was very patient, courteous & understanding, I have a big family and many family members called and came to the house that day and Ryan had been here for hours, not once did he rush like he had to leave. He just sat with us at the kitchen table and left us start the mourning process. Thank you Ryan and God Bless

Christine Burns
October 26, 2015

The staff was very sympathetic and understanding in our time of need. They also did a very beautiful job with the id viewing for the family; My mom looked so natural & beautiful.

Charlene Hauptly, daughter of Angela Boulton
October 24, 2015

Ryan was so helpful at my time of loss. It was as if he shared my pain.

Charlies Trapani, husband of Mary Trapani
June 11, 2015

I think the staff went above and beyond with the service our family was offered. I would have no problem referring your company to anyone. You had no problem with the personal touches that we asked you to add. Thank you for your service.

Sandra Murton, wife of Joseph Murton, Retired Police Chief
June 5, 2015

They are excellent in everything. Nothing could have been done better. I am extremely happy with they services. They are professional, caring, thoughtful helpful and the Best.

Joseph Orlowsky, Son of Anna Orlowsky
June 5, 2015

My family was very pleased with everything. We appreciated how everything was handled. The staff was very helpful on such a sad occasion.
I was quite upset when I arrived the day of the funeral and everyone was very kind.

Janice Faust, daughter of Carlton Crouse
April 17, 2015

Your funeral home has been nicely remodeled and is very spacious for large funerals.

We appreciate your professionalism, understanding & compassion and you offered many helpful suggestions to lower the expenses and also your services.

Name withheld
March 26, 2015

Your staff was great to all of us. Brian treated the whole family great.

Shirley Flannery, niece of Myrtle Stine

All the staff made a very unpleasant event bearable. Everyone went out of their way to see that Mom's wishes were carried out right to the very end with every detail. Thank you for all that you did for us in our time of need, we will not forget all of you.

Bruce Adams, son of Frances Adams

My friends who came down from Nescopeck couldn't believe how beautiful the funeral parlor was.  The staff was very courteous also.

Rose Burock, daughter of Edna Walaitis

In a time of sorrow you welcome the kindness that I received from Schlitzer Allen Pugh Funeral Home. They take full responsibility which is needed in a time like this. Again thank you for everything.

Schlitzer Allen Pugh cares about the feelings that go with a loss.  Wendell left this earth and I know he is looking down saying thank you.

Diane Jenkins. wife of Wendall Jenkins

At a difficult time I was so grateful, especially for Angie, for taking care of all of our needs. Anyone would be comforted by your thoughtful service. To me you were above and beyond normal attention. Thank you very much, Marie.

Marie Flynn, Wife of William Flynn

So thankful for their help in this tough year on losing my wife on June 6, 2014 and my son on November 24, 2014. They joined my daughter now having 3 guardian angels. Staff had overwhelming expression of sympathy for myself and daughter, Ann Marie Hoffman Suko and family.

by Thomas P. Hoffman, father of Thomas Hoffman

Ryan was extremely professional during this entire experience. We were extremely impressed that he was able to arrange a military service for my father.

Two family members from out of state asked me who the funeral director was and they were expressed how very professional everyone was who was connected with your agency.

Family of Waldemar Eiche

Angela is Wonderful! All the staff was very professional but we mostly dealt with Angela and she helped my sister and I throughout the most difficult time of our lives. We love her!

Andrea Giogno, daughter of Jane Mortimer

My family used your services many times in the past and always were most efficient, courteous and professional. We have all good positive words for your funeral home. Nick and Angela were wonderful!

Annette Gliem, sister of Charles Schuster

Everyone was excellent in all ways. Everything was perfect. No One could do better.

Anna Mae Tray, wife of Francis Tray

Brian was particularly helpful and responsive to our needs and requests. We could not have been more pleased.

Kay Ann Russell, daughter of Doris Schultz

Angie and your entire staff were beyond helpful during our difficult loss. The staff and facility were First Class. Our family was pleased with all the personal attention we received, we would definitely use and recommend you again. Thank You.

Jarrad Brennan, Son of Michael J. Brennan

I can't express enough how wonderful Angela and Ryan were during the recent loss of my Dad. Angela was available for me anytime. I needed her.  Both of them were professional yet made us feel like they were part of our family by showing compassion & friendship.

Karen Mitchell

Staff helped in every way possible, special thanks to the young lady, Angela.
The staff was very helpful.

Elaine Mataka

Ryan was very professional, and went out of his way to help us in every way. Brian, The Roshannon Family thanks you very much.

Dennis Roshannon

I was pleased with the help from Ryan and Angela. Our arrangements were simple but we never felt we were less than the most important clients. Thanks again.


Ryan & Angela were very helpful. At a time when you need everything to go smoothly & correctly, they did just that. They were there when we needed them, by the phone or actually in the building. They really made it easier every step of the way.

Argie Tidmore

Angela, Ryan, and Nick were excellent. Everyone agreed you and your staff were excellent and professional.

Ron and Mary Ellen

Brian, your concern for our family and friends was most appreciated. We are grateful to you and your staff at Schlitzer Allen Pugh. They way you treated our family with dignity and respect was excellent!

Family of Frank Zvorsky
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